Really Be Seen Reflectors

Really be seen reflectors using the most advanced prismatic retro reflective technology available, make sure that you and your vehicle, when out and about, are highly visible at night.

Our maxim, BE SEEN-BE SAFE reflectors are common sense, the greater the efficency of the reflective material on your person, motorhome, caravan, bicycle motorbike, disability scooter, walking aids, sea kayak, horse box, riding stirrups and helmet, farm vehicles and trailers. The greater the safety.

Fit THE BRIGHTEST REFLECTORS AND REFLECTIVE TAPE IN THE WORLD and enjoy greater safety and greater peace of mind.


Q Penetrating Oil

Q10 Penetrating oil now available in the UK
Q10  Penetrating oil.Industrial strength
The 4x4 of Penetrating Oils . Specifically designed to 
 seep, deep into siezed parts at all temperatures up to 
and including 70degC.                                             
The  silicone free  quick acting Q10 penetrating oil
 provides the knock out blow for rusted and
seized up nuts, bolts, pipe fittings, valves etc. 
Special 'push /pull' capillary action means Q10
gets to areas of part seizure that other oils cannot reach. 

Over 50 years experience in industrial penetrants.

Price £7.99 plus £3 P&P 400 gram aerosol


 Q20 Wide specrum oil, rust inhibitor, lubricant, protection and moisture displacement. The leading moisture repellant for protecting and removing moisture from wet ignition systems on cars, trucks, motorbikes, electric motors outboard and marine engines.Q20 overcomes  and prevents stubborn starting and stalling in damp climes and water saturation. clears wet light clusters and wiring. Its unique penetrating power makes it ideal as a release agent and light duty lubricant for use in the home, garage, and workshop. Q20 is silicone free.

Price £6.99 plus £3 P&P 300 gram aerosol

SPECIAL OFFER ; BUY TWIN PACK CAN OF Q10 and Q20 for only £12.00 plus £4.50 P&P  and SAVE £4.38
Try a can today and experience for yourself the amazing results.

40  year old scrap Land Rover.( 25 YEARS STANDING OUTSIDE)
*I have never used such effective penetrating oil as Q10.
* Normally have to grind the nuts off.
* Tried countless other brands with varying degrees of success, nothing comes close to Q10
penetrating oil.
*It works faster and penetrates deeper than any other oil I  know. Absolutely unbelievable !!
Mr. R Edwards
Auto technician (retired)


L200 Van

*‘ Fan belt adjuster nut seized solid. Tried 2 foot breaker bar and socket would not budge.
*Applied Q10 penetrating oil, left for 5 minute soak. Attached small rachet and socket and released the nut with ease.
*Incredible !!!’
John Dougherty Halfords Autocentre Manager Halifax

Land Rover Discovery

*‘Rear hub nut seized up. Tried power gun, no movement.
*Broke a socket adapter using a 3 foot breaker bar.
*Applied Q10 penetrating oil. 
*Easily removed the nut using  gun and socket.
*Q10 .Amazing stuff’
Jason Emmett Technician Halfords Autocentre Halifax

Peugot 406
Rear light cluster water ingress. 2bulbs inoperable. Removed unit and dried out. Replaced bulbs still inop’. Applied WD-40
And tried again. Still no joy.
Applied Q20 and problem solved immediately.
First time I had used Q20 only just received the product but have ordered more because it does what it says on the tin. Brilliant gear.

Steve Doughty Halfords Autocentre Manager Bolton
 Peugot 305
Rear light cluster full of water, lights inoperable.
Emptied water and dried with cloth. Bulb contacts and wiring signs of corrosion. Replaced bulbs but shorted out and blew fuses.
Applied Q20 Multi purpose lubricant and water displacer and refitted bulbs. Result problem solved all bulbs operating and
Continue to do so according to customer follow up. Q20 amazing stuff.

Peter Burke Technician Halfords Autocentre Halifax

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